Be a Winner! Discover the success of Fat Loss Factor.

It’s known by many names including “beer gut” or “pot belly” but for most of us, the cause is always the same: A hormone called Cortisol.
At its simplest, Cortisol sends signals to the brain telling it that your body is hungry regardless of whether you really are or not. When you eat, the fat tends to concentrate around your abdomen causing the “belly fat” you can never seem to get rid of—no matter how many “ab crunches” you do! So until your body can better regulate cortisol and control the cravings, all the exercise in the world won’t help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat—until now.
My good friend Dr. Charles has devoted most of his career to helping people shed body fat and keep it off—including that stubborn belly fat caused by Cortisol! In fact, Dr. Charles has created one of the most comprehensive fat-busting solutions on the market today, The Fat Loss Factor. This incredible and highly effective ebook includes all you need to know to finally eliminate that stubborn belly fat permanently, including:
• Complete Fat Loss Factor Diet Plan Including Tips for Limiting Cortisol Production
• 2 Sample Workouts Guaranteed to Shed Fat FAST!
• List of Fat-Busting “Super Foods”
• Comprehensive Meal Plans and Shopping
• Complete Detox and Water Retention Removal Protocol
• And Much, Much More!

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